Jim Cramer shared his opinion on these popular stocks during the "lightning round" on CNBC's Mad Money, according to CNBC.

  • Trade Desk: “I like Trade Desk. It’s incredibly well run. It’s virtually, it’s really the only company that people want to use other than Alphabet. I just think you stick with TTD. Wild trader, though.” 
  • Astronics Corporation: “No. It’s too speculative. If you want to do anything in aerospace, then I just have to send you to either Raytheon or Honeywell, which reports tomorrow morning.” 
  • GW Pharmaceuticals: “People kept thinking that everyone would use it off-label. In other words, that doctor would prescribe it too more things than just the limited label that it’s got. And they haven’t done that, which is why the stock is stock. I think it’s a good company. If you’re going to have any sort of success to cannabis, it’s got to be dosed. GW doses.” 
  • Dish Network: “They do have a lot of spectrum. I kind of like it. I’m very much alone in liking this. I do not know a lot of people who like it. I do like it, so I’m in the minority.”  
  • Takeda Pharmaceutical: “Good company. Good yield. Not talked about enough. Japanese. Has some great research here. I think they’re smart people. I am in favor of buying that stock.” 
  • Moog: “Moog is not a company I’ve looked at in a very long time. Therefore, I cannot opine on it and I have to come back with a better analysis.” 

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