Japan Furious With US After Major COVID Outbreak At Two Marine Bases In Okinawa


An outbreak of Covid-19 at Marine bases in Okinawa has made Japan furious with the US

Japanese authorities are furious with the United States after an outbreak of coronavirus among Marines stationed in Okinawa, according to Business Insider.

61 Marines across two bases, Futenma Marine air station and Camp Hansen, have been infected in Okinawa, leading Japan to believe that the US has not taken appropriate precautions to prevent the spread of disease. Okinawa's governor, Denny Tamaki, said at a press conference:

"It is extremely regrettable that the infections are rapidly spreading among US personnel when we Okinawans are doing our utmost to contain the infections.”

Tamaki went on to add:

"We now have strong doubts that the US military has taken adequate disease prevention measures."

A post on the official Marine Corps Installations Pacific Facebook page confirmed the outbreak and stated that all the infected are in isolation:

"After months with no confirmed COVID-19 infections on Okinawa, this week the Marine Corps experienced two localized clusters of individuals who tested positive for the virus."

Insider reported that “Okinawa prefecture has reported 145 cases of the virus with seven deaths, according to Japanese news outlet Nippon.”

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