Jamie Dinan Suggests Investing Despite Increased Financial Regulation In Japan


Jamie Dinan believes investment opportunities amidst legislative reform are worth paying attention to.

Dinan is most well-known for founding York Capital which has a worth of $17.6 billion. Additionally, Dinan owns NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks. He believes that opportunity to invest is out there.

"It's our problem, not the market's problem," Dinan said, referring to identifying investment opportunities that are viable.

He specifically points out legislative reform in Japan that have led to less corporate governance. Banks in Japan are now selling off assets. Dinan believes that because these sales are due to government regulation, that they are being sold at a discount.

"Buy things from people that don't want to sell you stuff," Dinan said.

When investing the money put into York Capital, Dinan focuses on mergers as well as credit markets.

"Your risk-adjust returns might be good, but the absolute return numbers aren't," Dinan said.

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