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Even with lots of market volatility this week, Brad McMillan explains that we shouldn’t worry about a recession for at least a few more years, according to Business Insider.

Brad McMillan is chief investment officer for Commonwealth Financial Network, which oversees $160 billion. McMillan explains that the choppiness of the markets is nothing to worry about and recession indicators show that a recession is still two years out.

Global economic slowdown and trade war tensions have hurt markets and made them more volatile in recent weeks. Many fear that a recession is coming in the near future due to certain market indicators.

Investors were recently spooked by an inverted yield curve that always precedes a recession, but McMillan believes that this inverted yield curve signals a recession still a few years off.

McMillan said, “As long as the headlines keep justifying it, we're going to see the market react and that's actually a healthy thing because that's what the market should be doing.”

McMillan continued, “For our investors, I'm saying unless there's a recession coming, you don't need to do anything."

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