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A new report from Carnegie Melon revealed that around half of tweets containing “#ReopenAmerica” originated from bots, according to The Politic.

Wondering how programmers could infiltrate social media platforms, The Politic’s Pranav Senthilvel attempted to create one himself. Utilizing some Youtube videos, his computer, and basic coding skills, Pranav successfully created a bot capable of retaining and posting large masses of information.

Internet bots are becoming increasingly infamous these days, as they promote stories of varying validity across the web. A BBC investigation in 2018 revealed that many Saudi Arabian companies were offering bot services, for prices like $200, to boost a hashtag’s traffic.

Many revelations, including BBC’s, point not only to the growing use of bots, but the ease at which could access them with. With more complex bots, social media platforms are often unable to differentiate the accounts from real ones.

In addition, as companies like Twitter use AI to monitor posts, an uneasy public often sends backlash over potential privacy and security issues.

President Trump’s May 28 Executive order regarding social media company censorship also poses as a threat to companies actively trying to deter misinformation.

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