Industries to Watch Out for in the Next Decade


There are a variety of factors that determine how well an economy is doing and what to expect in the future. For example, an increase in the number of gross domestic output from various industries is a sign of growth. However, not all industries perform well. Others are either failing or stagnant depending on the demand of goods and services from those industries. This article is going to discuss the most promising industries and how they are likely to influence the economy.

Industries with a Bright Future

1. Construction Industry

According to a report by the Equipment leasing and Finance Foundation, the construction industry has a bright future. Most contractors are confident that the number of infrastructure projects shall increase motivated by a rise in the demand for housing. The tax reform bill will also contribute towards this growth as experts predict that investors shall increase investment in the construction industry using money from the tax savings.

2. Mining Industry

The mining industry continues to grow at an average rate of 40% every year. The sector has created numerous employment opportunities according to the Federal Bureau of Statistics. With OPEC on the verge of collapse, there is going to be more demand for US oil, which means that more people might be employed in the sector. There is also the aluminum and steel tariffs meant to support American miners. There is a likelihood that domestic production of these metals is likely to increase.

3. IT Industry

The recent developments in artificial intelligence, machine learning, the internet of things (IOTs) proves that the future of the IT industry is bright. The self driving cars under development from top automakers and tech firms are the brainchild of artificial intelligence. These cars are supposed to learn from the driver and execute certain tasks automatically. Robots that are meant to ease the workload of humans are also in development thanks to machine learning.

4. Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is not dead as most people would have you believe. It is true that there are 3d printers that can create 3 dimensional objects, but that doesn't mean that people are going to do away with factories. The manufacturing industry has a bright future because the demand for material things is increasing. As more millennials enter the job market, they rely most on social media and the media to figure out what brands and companies best fit them. Using website or social media reviews help increase the reliability of the brand, for example a quick search of “level thrive reviews” brings you to how that brand changed their life and what they thought about the product.

5. Biotech Industry

With the demand for alternative remedies to illnesses growing, the biotech industry shows promise. There is ongoing research about how gene therapy can be used to heal certain diseases. The industry has also adapted to the rapid spread of innovation. In order to cut costs most biotech firms are sharing intellectual property and R&D information. The increased collaboration shows that the industry has no signs of slowing down.

6. Healthcare Industry

If the number of investments in a certain industry increases, it means that that industry has potential. Major tech companies have put money into research to see how artificial intelligence can be used to improve patient outcomes. These companies believe that if all medical information was stored in a machine, and the data analyzed through machine learning, diagnosis would be easier and faster.


The mentioned industries have a bright future because they show great economic potential. In all these industries, innovation stands out as the main driving factor for progress and positive change. Another factor that makes these industries have great potential is the availability of investors. There are firms willing to put money into these industries to guarantee their prosperity.


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