In Private Call, Dr. Birx Warns 10 Local Areas About Troubling COVID Numbers


Dr. Deborah Birx highlighted several areas, including Baltimore and Atlanta, in the private call with local officials.

In a private call with state and local officials, Dr. Deborah Birx revealed that the White House coronavirus task force is seeing troubling numbers in 10 local areas across the country, according to The Center for Public Integrity.

In a recording of the call obtained by Public Integrity, Birx said: “We are seeing encouraging signs across the South. We are concerned that both Baltimore and Atlanta remain at a very high level — [also] Kansas City, Portland, Omaha [and] of course what we talked about in the Central Valley [of California].”

Birx highlighted the four cities that are doing well — Boston, Chicago, Detroit and Washington, D.C — but also pointed to states that are “concerning,” which included Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee and Virginia. Birx said in the call that individuals living in “red” or “yellow” counties should avoid holding family gatherings as they can act as “superspreader events.”

Data shows that 23 states currently qualify for the “red” zone, based on White House coronavirus task force criteria. Thousands of state and local officials are invited to attend the calls, which are hosted by the White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs, according to White House official William Crozer, who introduced Birx on the call Wednesday. But it’s not clear which local leaders are hearing Birx’s warnings.

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