Huawei is speaking to prominent figures to help change the image of Huawei in the United States.

President Trump has strengthened a negative perception of Huawei in the U.S. Although the accusations the Trump administration has leveraged against Huawei are wide ranging, they include sanctions evasion and spying against other countries.

More specifically, Trump has sought to prevent other countries from using Huawei’s telecom equipment to build up 5G networks claiming that doing so will allow the Chinese to access these networks secretly.

In order to tackle the negative effects of this image, Huawei has reached out to Abbe Lowell, a widely known lawyer and Marcus Brauchli, a former editor at the Washington Post. Lowell did not confirm the meeting, Brauchli has confirmed meeting with Huawei officials but has emphasized that he has not received compensation. Huawei has confirmed reaching out to different individuals.

“Like most leading companies, Huawei sometimes relies on industry experts, consulting firms and advisory boards across the breadth of our business to ensure we’re operating in the most effective manner possible,” a Huawei spokesman said in a statement.

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