How Squire’s Software Helps Barbershops Reopen


A new Squire has grown in funds and partners as it helps barbershops across the country to reopen and bring in customers

Squire, a New York City-based company, has designed software to help independent barbershops reopen, according to Inc.

Co-founders Songe LaRon and Dave Salvant have been committed to developing a more useful product for barbers since 2015. “We were literally doing everything but cutting,” said LaRon.

The app was rated as an “Uber for Haircuts” in 2015 when it only offered online appointment booking. After 2016, the co-founders have upgraded the app via additional features, including payroll management, inventory tracking, and automatic rent collection, to help barbershops streamline their businesses.

They have also added features designed to help barbershops accommodate the Covid-19 sanitation protocols required by states to safely reopen their businesses.

In addition to booking appointments online via the app, Squire developed a virtual waiting room alerting clients when they can enter. It helps avoid person-to-person contact and the spread of the virus.

Customers are also allowed to pay online via the app, eliminating the need for exchanging currency or credit cards.

To safely reopen, states recommend barbershops ask customers’ health conditions. Two-thirds (67 percent) of small businesses have the concern of possible lawsuits related to Covid-19, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. To help barbershops avoid legal issues, Squire created a waiver that customers can sign during the booking process reporting that they haven’t had any symptoms of Covid-19.

To better support independent barbershops, Squire removed the $150 monthly subscription fee for six months. “We didn’t want to be an additional burden on small businesses while revenue was going to zero,” said Salvant.

Squire has obtained $34 million investment in its Series B funding round in early March. Registered users of the app rose 166% between March and May.

Squire has more than 2,000 barbershops signing up in the U.S. and the U.K. The co-founders said that the product will attract more clients because of the pandemic. “Once these shops are opening, they’re being booked out immediately,” said LaRon.

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