Hospital Groups Suing Price-Transparency Rule


Hospitals are suing to block the price-transparency rule pushed by the Trump Administration.

Hospitals are suing to block a rule being pushed by the Trump administration that would force the institutions to disclose secret rates with insurers, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The lawsuit was filed on Wednesday, and hospitals are claiming that the rule violates their First Amendment right and goes beyond the intent of the Affordable Care Act. These healthcare groups are not directly combatting President Trump's central health-policy initiative.

“We, signing independently, are 3,969 physicians who make caring for patients our professional priority,” according to a letter written by physicians in support of the rule. “We are distressed and disheartened by how America’s healthcare system is failing them.”

The U.S. healthcare industry is valued at around $3.5 trillion and the rule would allow transparency for patients to shop for cheaper healthcare.

“The burden of compliance with the rule is enormous, and way out of line with any projected benefits associated with the rule,” according to the suit, which was filed by the American Hospital Association and other industry groups in U.S. District Court in Washington.

Hospitals are combating President Trump's central health-policy initiative and filed a lawsuit against the price transparency rule that would allow patients to see the true costs of their healthcare.

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