Hong Kong British Consulate Employee Detained in China


Simon Cheng was detained in Shenzhen when he tried to return to Hong Kong.

An employee of the British Consulate in Hong Kong is detained in China. Simon Cheng sent his girlfriend a text on August 8 to tell her he would be home soon after visiting Shenzhen in China for a conference. According to The Wall Street Journal, he never returned to Hong Kong.

Cheng’s girlfriend found out that her boyfriend, a citizen of Hong Kong, was detained by Chinese border police and sent back to Shenzhen. She did not know why this happened, but she knew he was concerned about crossing the border due to increased controls that came about because of the anti-government demonstrations in Hong Kong. Yet, her boyfriend never took part in the protests as far as she was aware.

The protests center around a new law China has proposed which would allow people to be extradited to China. A Facebook photo of Cheng dated June 9 was accompanied by the words, “opposed to the law amendment, revoke the evil law.”

Authorities at the Chinese border have been searching through bags and phones as people cross into Shenzhen from Hong Kong in order to keep protest-material out of the country.

Before attempting to cross the border, Cheng sent his girlfriend one last text that said, “Pray for me.”

“Every Hong Kong person would be nervous going through that border now,” she said. “nobody knows what would make them take you.”

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