Burger King released the early details of how their restaurants will run in the future.

Burger King released the early details of how their restaurants will run in the future, according to CNNBusiness.

The fast-food company is attempting to make their restaurants pandemic-proof.

Key features include:

  • Triple drive-thrus with one lane dedicated to delivery drivers.
  • Burger pickup lockers
  • Takeout counters and walk-up windows.
  • Curbside pickup with a designated spot

Last Thursday, Burger King unveiled two new designs with those features and more. It plans to test the features in Miami, Latin America, and the Caribbean. "As we look into 2021, we'll be ramping up again on our new development around the world and doing a lot of remodels," said Josh Kobza, chief operating officer for Restaurant Brands International, owner of Burger King.

Features that already exist such as double drive-thru lanes, curbside pickup, and digital menu boards are included in the new designs. The inside of restaurants will also be smaller with one design having no indoor seating. Burger King has been redesigning its restaurants for years, but the pandemic accelerated the project.

"We're seeing more and more guests wanting to dine off-premise, wanting to use drive-thrus, wanting to do takeaway," Kobza said. "With Covid this year, many of those shifts in consumer preferences have accelerated." Those changes prompted Burger King to "innovate even faster and to think even more about how quickly we can evolve and improve things like our drive-thru experience or the delivery experience."

During the second quarter, 85 percent of Burger King's US sales came from the drive-thru, up 18 percent from the year prior. Since February, Burger King has added delivery options to 2,000 of their restaurants.

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