“Heartprints” Now Used To Identify Sniper Targets


Snipers now have the technology to identify individuals based on their heartbeat.

This new form of identification has been named a “heartprint.” Typically, snipers rely on the facial features of a target to corroborate their identity and ensure that it is the person they are meant to kill. However, facial features can easily be distorted through disguises and identities can be hidden by fake limps as well.

Heartprints are a useful way for identifying individuals through an immutable characteristic. Essentially, a laser can be aimed at an individual’s chest and detect the unique vibrations that a beating heart reverberates through the individual’s clothing.

The Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office recently developed this technology. The United States’ Special Operations Command had been wanting this type of technology to aid in their different operations.

The heartprint detecting system has been named Jetson. The CTTSO is being reluctant to divulge many details on the technology including how they plan on building up a database of individuals’ heartprints. However, a spokeswoman for the CTTSO has confirmed that the laser is infrared making it invisible to the naked eye. Additionally, in order to get a good reading of a heartprint, the laser must be on the person for 30 seconds.

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