Harvard Business Professor That Advises Celebrities


Anita Elberse is a Harvard Business School professor that advises celebrities on how to compete in business.

Professor Anita Elberse works at Harvard Business School, but her job advising celebrities on how to compete in the business world is far from normal, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Professor Elberse enjoys working with celebrities because they are highly accomplished individuals and have proven commitment. She marks commitment as the key resource that celebrities can leverage as they get involved with business.

Elberse got started as an empirical modeler. She analyzed data sets attempting to derive what drove success in markets. The film industry publishes its sales weekly, and she dove right in.

Elberse teaches an M.B.A. elective on the business of entertainment, media, and sports. She reached out at the start of the course to Karlie Kloss, the supermodel and entrepreneur, “I’m launching this course, and it might be a complete waste of four days for you, but I think it’s going to be interesting and I’ll make it up to you if it isn’t.”

One year after that phone call, Dwayne Wade showed up and the course started to blow up. Celebrities enroll as they enter a new career. For example, many athletes say, “just because I was really good at doing something doesn’t mean it’s the only thing I can do.”

Anita Elberse is a Harvard Business School professor whose M.B.A. elective has drawn many celebrities to explore careers in the business world.

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