Hackers Exploit Vulnerability In TikTok's App


TikTok users were vulnerable to attacks from hackers through the platform.

The popular smartphone app recently faced scrutiny because of a vulnerability in the app that allows hackers to steal the personal information of users. Hackers were able to send messages to TikTok users that contained malicious links.

If users clicked on these links, hackers gained full control of the user’s account. This mean that personal information attached to the account became available as well as private videos recorded on the account. The vulnerabilities were found by a cybersecurity company in Israel called Check Point.

“The vulnerabilities we found were all core to TikTok’s systems,” said Oded Vanunu, Check Point’s head of product vulnerability research

Check Point first realized the vulnerabilities with TikTok on November 20th, and TikTok has reported that the issue was resolved by December 15th.

“TikTok is committed to protecting user data,” said Luke Deshotels, a member of TikTok’s security team.

TikTok has gained extreme popularity in the West and was founded in China. The fact that it is a new platform with many users makes it more susceptible to the attacks of hackers, since the app is young and has not developed strong enough cybersecurity.

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