Google Using Patient's Data To Develop AI Patient Care Tool


Google is working to gain marketshare in the healthcare industry by providing pro-bono work to Ascension.

Google has partnered with hospitals to leverage patient data in an effort to improve patient care and treatment.

Ascension, the second largest U.S. health-care system, is partnering with Google to find artificial intelligence-based solutions that will make patient care more effective. The partnership is called “Project Nightingale.” Currently, Ascension has 2,600 hospitals and doctors offices, making their patient data both expansive and valuable.

The data that Google has access to includes diagnoses from doctors, names, birth dates, hospitalization records and lab results from a variety of tests. The doctors and patients whose information is being used have not been notified. It is estimated that, at minimum, 150 employees at Google have access to all of this information.

Access to medical records is legal under U.S. law if the access is necessary to the provision of healthcare services. This data will hopefully lead to a tool that allows for more tailored and efficient patient care.

Google is developing this tool from their cloud services, an arm of the company that has worked to increase its markets hare in the healthcare industry. Google is not charging Ascension for their work, in hopes that the outcome of this project will serve as a model to sell to other healthcare systems.

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