Google Stalling Antitrust Investigation Requests


Google is pushing back on releasing more documents related to an antitrust investigation on its ad selling business.

Google is one of the top sellers of online ads. Reporting from various news publications have found that Google is potentially monopolizing the market for online ad sales. A coalition of state attorneys general, led by the Texas Attorney General Ken Plaxton, are trying to receive access to documents acquired by the Justice Department for its own investigation.

“Every indication right now is they don’t believe that they’re clean because they don’t act in any way like they are,” Paxton said.

However, Google is working to prevent access to those documents, citing an irregular investigative process that does not provide the justification for the requested access.

“To date, Texas has requested, and we have provided, over 100,000 pages of information,” a spokeswoman for Google said. “But we’re also concerned with the irregular way this investigation is proceeding, including unusual arrangements with advisers who work with our competitors and vocal complainants."

This is the latest in a long trend of clashing between the coalition leading the investigation and Google. For example, in the investigation, the coalition wanted to focus on 96 employees, while Google asserted it would only be necessary to focus on 11 employees.

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