Google announced Wednesday a new hiring goal to largely increase the number of its black executives, reported by The Wall Street Journal.

In a Wednesday memo by Chief Executive Sundar Pichai, who was born in India, the tech giant announced its goal to increase the proportion of “leadership representation of underrepresented groups” by 30 percent overall by 2025.

“Listening to the personal accounts of members of our Black Advisory Leadership Group and our Black+ Googlers has only reinforced for me the reality our Black communities face: one where systemic racism permeates every aspect of life, from interactions with law enforcement, to access to housing and capital, to health care, education, and the workplace,” Pichai wrote in the memo.

According to the company’s 2020 diversity report, nearly two thirds of the leadership are white, and the new hires should be proportionally more diverse.

Google also announced its plans to build more inclusive practices and create antiracism educational programs.

The tech giant has been involved in diversity scandals in the past. In 2017, an internal memo at Google went viral, where an engineer suggested that men were better suited than women for tech jobs. In 2018, the company was found to discriminate against white and Asian men for positions in its YouTube unit. Separately, left-leaning lawmakers last month criticized Google for refraining from some diversity measures.

Similar to Google, PepsiCo Inc. recently announced an initiative to expand the company’s black leadership by 30 percent by 2025.

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