Google Employees Will Be Subsidized for Up $1000 Worth of Furniture


Google announced that its employees will be compensated for home office furniture.

Google employees that choose to work from home will be compensated for home office purchases, according to the New York Post.

Google employees have the option to return to the office beginning July 6. The company plans to increase employee attendance throughout the late summer and fall. Employees that choose to stay home will be compensated for expenses up to $1,000 for home office supplies.

CEO Sundar Pichai expects 10 percent of employees to return to the office after July 4 and doesn't expect Google to abandon its highly revered physical office spaces. These offices offer employees free dry cleaning, meals, and workout classes.

“In all scenarios I expect us to need physical spaces to get people together, absolutely. We have a lot of growth planned ahead,” Pichai said. “So even if there is some course correction, I don’t think our existing footprint is going to be the issue.”

Silicon Valley companies tend to be trendsetters so it won't be surprising if other companies make similar announcements in the near future.

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