Google Employees Dissatisfied With Company's Clientele


Google employees are organizing to have the company drop projects that violate Google's company values.

As Google takes on projects that oppose its stated values, the company’s co-founders have not heavily involved themselves in the aftermath.

Employees within the company have become dissatisfied after a pattern in which Google takes on projects that directly violate the company’s values. The latest project is work with US Customs and Border Protection. Google would provide cloud services to the government agency. Employees say that this directly violates Google’s principle of not being evil.

As the trend strengthens, Google’s co-founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, have not taken direct action to quell dissatisfaction amongst its employees. Lack of action from the top has helped foster a culture of distrust between Google’s employees and the company’s executives.

Google has taken on controversial projects in the past that they have let go of only because of organized advocacy amongst employees. For example, Google had been developing a censored search engine that would be implemented in China. When it was revealed that this project was taken on by Google, some of its employees saw this work as a human rights abuse.

The reactions from employers led Google to back out from the project. However, eight years later, Google took on the same project in secret. This incident has caused Google’s employees to be distrustful of the decisions being made at the top.

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