Here are the main market catalysts and closing values for the major US indexes on Thursday, August 6, 2020.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 posted gains, while the Nasdaq Composite all gained on Friday, according to CNBC.

  • The Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 46.50 points, or 0.20 percent, to close at 27,433.48.
  • The S&P 500 gained 0.06 percent to close at 3,349.16.
  • The Nasdaq Composite fell 0.90 percent to close at 11,010.98.

Tensions between the US and China rose after President Donald Trump issues executive orders to address "the threat posed" by Chinese apps TikTok and WeChat.

Investors also watched as lawmakers in Washington stayed gridlocked, further delaying the next stimulus package.

Tech shares fell. Amazon fell more than 1.8 percent, Netflix fell 2.8 percent. Microsoft, Apple, and Alphabet all closed lower.

Next week, traders will keep a close eye on lawmakers as they debate over the new stimulus package. July retail sales are also set to be released.

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