Former Pro Baseball Player Increases Net Worth By 100x Flipping Houses


A former pro baseball players shares his book on how he became a self made millionaire flipping houses.

Ryan Pineda is a former pro baseball player and is now a self-made millionaire who published "Flip Your Future," according to Business Insider.

It was never Pineda’s plan to flip houses, his fortune was supposed to come from his love of baseball. "I was a late-round pick so I didn't have a lot of money," Pineda said. "So I started working as a realtor in the off-season."

Pineda decided to change his course and start flipping items on Craigslist. He started to generate around $8000 in monthly revenue around the time that he came across a house flipping seminar. He was able to finance his first house flip from craigslist ventures.

"I had saved up about $10,000 from flipping couches and stuff, and luckily I was debt-free from all of it," he said. "So I was able to max out my credit cards to get a down payment for a loan

Pineda flipped his first house in 2015 for a $25,000 return. He is now on track to flip over 100 houses this year and started his own company, Homerun Offer. Pineda went from a late round draft pick to a multi-millionaire home flipper.

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