Former Head of Nissan-Renault Flees Japan To Avoid Trial


Carlos Ghosn recently fled from Japan to Lebanon in an effort to receive a fair trial for corruption charges.

Ghosn was previously the head of Renault-Nissan. He is accused of committing a number of financial crimes during his tenure at Renault-Nissan. Ghosn was set to receive a trial in Japan for these corruption charges.

Ghosn claims that the Japanese justice is rigged against him. 99% of those indicted in the Japanese justice system are charged.

“I have not fled justice—I have escaped injustice and political persecution,” Ghosn wrote in an email distributed to reporters.

The escape was an operation months in the planning that took two flights. One flight was from Tokyo to Istanbul and the second flight was from Istanbul to Beirut. At the time of his escape, Ghosn was awaiting trial but allowed to stay at his residence, but not leave the country. Ghosn left the country with a French passport.

Lawyers on Ghosn’s legal team were unaware of the operation and claim to have confiscated all of his passports. Ghosn’s wife is also said to have played a part in planning the operation. The Japanese government revoked the bail that Ghosn paid, which totaled to $13.8 million.

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