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Ford Motor Co. CEO Jim Farley subtweeted Tesla Inc. on Wednesday with a highlight of Ford's self-driving technology, according to Benzinga.

Farley tweeted a video of Ford vehicles using the "hands-free highway driving technology." On top of the video, he stated, “BlueCruise! We tested it in the real world, so our customers don’t have to.”

Farley's tweet was directed at Elon Musk and his electric vehicle manufacturing company Tesla that has released its self-driving technology to customers in the development stages. Ford vehicles including the 2021 Ford F-150 and 2021 Mustang Mach-E battery EV will be able to receive BlueCruise later in 2021 through a software update. The technology has been tested on more than 500,000 miles of highway.

BlueCruise allows Ford owners to sit back and relax on predetermined sections of highways called Hands-Free Blue Zones. Tesla has long been the front runner for autonomous driving with its Full Self Driving (FSD) beta software. Currently, 23 Tesla vehicle crashes are being investigated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to determine whether the FSD software played a role.

There is also an active website called Tesla Deaths that tracks the reported cases of individuals killed. The count is up to 169, with 6 deaths being attributed to FSD.

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