Florida Man Goes From Massive Failure To $20 Million Food Chain Owner

Andrew Wagner

A man in Florida has grown a sushi franchise to over 20 locations and a multimillion dollar operation after failing.

Abe Ng is the CEO and founder of Sushi Maki, a multimillion-dollar sushi franchise that has grown to over 20 locations throughout South Florida after failing in original business plans, according to Business Insider.

In 1997 Abe Ng opened a gourmet burrito chain that failed within 3 years, but not long after he decided to take another risk and open his own sushi chain with uncertainty about the territory and outcome of this venture.

Ng opened his failed burrito chain in an area in southern Florida already crowded with Hispanic food, but he had leased out the business and tried to make something out of nothing. "Our first logo was Microsoft Word Century Gothic Font. We couldn't afford a logo," Ng said.

In the summer of 2000, Ng opened the first Sushi Maki in south Florida. The first operation raked in less than $1 million in revenue, but since then more than 20 locations have been opened throughout south Florida. Sushi Maki reported earnings of over $20 million this year and the company won Whole Food's "Supplier of the Year" award.

"My wife and I were in LA visiting family and we saw bubble tea everywhere — we thought, why not us?" Ng said. "We identify what is cool and fun and try to introduce it through our platform."

Abe Ng went from failed burrito restaurant owner to millionaire sushi restaurant owner as he reported earnings of over $20 million this year and has over 20 locations.

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