Fauci: the US Could Return to Normal By Fall if Most Americans Get Vaccinated


Last week, White House coronavirus advisor Dr. Fauci stated that the US could be normal in fall through vaccination.

“So if we can get the overwhelming proportion of the population vaccinated by let’s say the end of the second, the beginning of the third quarter – by the time we get into mid-fall of 2021, we can be approaching some level of normality,” Fauci said.

This would allow individuals to increase capacity at restaurants and reopen movie theatres. However, mass vaccination would require at least 75 percent of the population to get the COVID-19 vaccine. “That would be able to protect even the vulnerable who have not been vaccinated, or those in which the vaccine has not been effective,” Fauci said.

Fauci predicts that almost any American should be able to get the vaccine in late March or April. Currently, the US is administering around 1.5 million inoculations per day. President Joe Biden hoped to administer 100 million vaccinations in the first 100 days of his administration. At this point, it appears to be feasible but supply chain issues have disrupted the distribution of vaccines.

At the current rate, it doesn't appear that Fauci's fall estimate is likely. At a current rate of 845 doses per day being administered, it would take around 10 months for 75 percent of Americans to receive 2 doses. This means that the estimate would shift back a season to early winter.

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