Facebook will start paying licensing fees to some publications partnering in a recently launched news service.

Facebook recently launched a news service that is being rolled out to a small group of users.

200,000 users are included in the first state of the news service launch. A range of news outlets have opted into this service. The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times and Washington Post are among the major news publications that have signed on.

A major component of this news service is that Facebook will now pay licensing fees to its media partners. This is a critical step as news publications are trying to find new streams of revenue amid declining ad sales.

Facebook is the first major tech company to pay licensing fees to media companies. The licensing fees vary widely between different media partners that are part of the news service.

“It’s a big step forward that Facebook is investing in trust and quality by licensing content from news publishers for the first time,” said Maribel Wadsworth, president of the USA Today network and publisher of USA Today.

Facebook will include up to 200 publications in its news service. However, not all media partners will receive licensing fees. For those that don’t, clicking on the link will send users directly to the publisher’s site.

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