EU And U.K. Announce Finalized Brexit Deal Proposal


A finalized Brexit deal has been announced and will now face a vote in Parliament.

The European Union and the U.K. have announced that they have finalized a draft of a Brexit deal.

The announcement comes after anxiety that a proposal would not be drafted before the October 31st deadline. The drafted deal would ensure that a border is not implemented on the island side of Ireland. This was a major hurdle that was overcome during negotiations surrounding the Brexit deal.

If a deal proposal had not been finalized, then another extension would need to have been requested. However, some are worried that even with the finalized draft, there will not be enough time to go through the legal bureaucracy needed to make the deal binding. If a deal draft had not been finalized, then the U.K. would have entered a period of 14 months in which relations with the EU would have remained the same.

This draft comes 3 years after the initial referendum to leave the EU. Additionally, the drafted deal would allow the U.K. to establish its own trade deals separately from the EU, this was a major motivation for voters who decided they wanted to leave the EU. Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party has already made clear that it will not vote in favor of the deal when it comes to Parliament.

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