Democrats Fight For Worker Protection In Stimulus Package


A stimulus relief package is being negotiated as Democrats lobby for more protections for the unemployed.

The coronavirus pandemic has stalled the American economy. As record numbers of individuals file jobless claims, Democrats argue that the stimulus relief package does not adequately protect workers.

More specifically, checks sent to Americans would occur once, or at most twice. However, Democrats argue that these checks should be sent every pay period and until this pandemic is over.

"We want to fund it for at least four months, maybe six," Senator Chuck Schumer said. "If the crisis ends more quickly, of course, we might be able to terminate it. But we need to give the workers of America the assurance that they will have paychecks -- the same amount of resources that they had before this crisis that they have now.”

The stimulus package negotiation period had a deadline for midnight of last Friday and was extended to Saturday, with the expectation of being set up for a vote on Sunday.

As time passes so does the estimated size of the stimulus package. Originally expected to be valued at $1 trillion it is now expected to potentially exceed $2 trillion.

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