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Delta Air Lines is suing the artificial-intelligence company that powered the chat-bot on its website, according to The Wall Street Journal. Delta accused the company of lax cyber-security that lead a 2017 data breach.

The suit highlights how sensitive relations can be between companies that have been hacked and their partners. Companies rarely sue their tech providers because their contract specifies the level of liability that the tech company is responsible for. Most partners end up settling out of court as well.

Delta filed the lawsuit last week in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York. The suit accuses chat-bot provider [24] Inc. of lacking basic cyber-security safeguards and that they waited for five months before informing Delta of the security breach.

William Bose, [24]7’s senior VP said that the company isn’t in the wrong and will defend itself vigorously. Credit card details of 825,000 customers were exposed in the data breach.

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