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On Tuesday, Canadian electric-vehicle manufacturer Daymak announced its new Avvenire Spiritus model will be able to mine cryptocurrencies ( bitcoin and dogecoin). The company is accepting pre-order payments in cryptocurrencies including dogecoin, ethereum, bitcoin and cardano.

"Whereas most vehicles are depreciating while they sit in your garage, the Nebula Miner will make you money while your Spiritus is parked," said Aldo Baiocchi, president of Daymak. The Nebula Miner will go to work whenever the vehicle is charging. 

Daymak is planning to link the car to a Nebula Wallet that will allow owners to collect, store and transact with the cryptocurrencies their car has mined.

"Embedding a bitcoin mining chip into a machine that is supposed to last for several years assumes that bitcoin's difficulty will not increase over time," Bobby Ong, cofounder of crypto data platform Coingecko said. 

"Bitcoin's difficulty will increase over time, making old mining chips inefficient and obsolete.' The car would need to be connected to the internet to mine, "not to mention draining electricity from the car too." 

Is this just another fad item or will our parking lots of the future be mining mecca's.... only time will tell.