Dave Portnoy Raised over $9 Million for Small Business Relief


Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports, has raised over $9 million for struggling small businesses.

Portnoy has been vocal about the incompetency of lawmakers and his disapproval of lockdowns. Portnoy launched the nonprofit 30 Day Fund for small businesses affected by COVID-19 called "The Barstool Fund" and put his money where his mouth is by contributing $500,000 of his own money. So far, the Barstool Fund has helped 18 small businesses.

"It was certainly humbling and a little embarrassing," said Kerry Counard, owner of Abbey Bar in Wisconsin. Abbey Bar has been around for 45 years and was struggling throughout the pandemic. The bar has been using cash donations from customers to fund gift cards for frontline workers.

"When we opened as take out only, being a neighborhood grill, we make money when people come in and sit down and have a drink and stick around," Counard said. "...We got most of our business from college, [which] went almost completely virtual this fall. We lost almost all that business." Furthermore, Barstool's website featured Abbey Bar merchandise that will help the bar stay open and guarantee employees their paychecks.

"It's like an extra Christmas gift," Counard said. "It's certainly going to help us bridge through the pandemic."

Barstool is continuing to accept applications from small businesses to take part in The Barstool Fund.

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