Cybersecurity Advisor Believes TikTok App Is A Security Threat

Andrew Wagner

President Obama's former cybersecurity advisor recently stated that TikTok should be treated as a security threat.

Kiersten Todt was a cybersecurity advisor to President Barack Obama and she stated that she believes concerns over TikTok being a security threat are justified, according to Business Insider.

Todt attributes the danger in TikTok to the Chinese government's control and abuse of collecting people's data. "China has documented that it is collecting lots of data, and when you look at those apps, I think there are definitely legitimate security concerns," said Todt.

TikTok has reaffirmed that it protects its users' data and is not controlled by the Chinese government. TikTok's parent company, ByteDance, hired an independent firm called Special Counsel to review the company's data protection methodology.

"We saw no evidence of data being accessed by folks in China, in fact that would actually be fairly difficult. This is a very complicated and robust ecosystem for the application," Special Counsel vice president of cybersecurity Doug Brush said. "I dont view them as being much dissimilar to other Silicon Valley companies."

Kiersten Todt, a former cybersecurity advisor to President Obama, reaffirms that there should be concern over TikTok as a security threat.

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