Curve Customers Complain About Extra Charges


Startup Curve is receiving complaints from customers who used their corporate card and received extra charges.

Customers of startup Curve are complaining that the company unknowingly issued corporate cards that came with extra charges, according to Business Insider.

Curve is a UK based finance startup with a valuation of around $200 million. Curve allows customers to combine all of their credit cards onto a single Curve card. This allows consumers to eliminate bulging wallets or scrambling to find cards in a messy purse or wallet.

Curve customers are issued business or standard accounts based on spending purposes. Customers are complaining that they were unknowingly sent a business card without realizing that they had signed up for that designation.

"I got in touch with them when I received a commercial card [and] they tried to convince me there was no difference between the two," said Curve customer Ivan Cameron. "When I disagreed, they sent me a replacement card... Curve shouldn't be sending commercial cards to people who don't expressly request one." 

The issue is that business accounts charge more on payments made by a considerable amount. Business accounts charge a 1.1 percent commission on every payment, compared to personal accounts charging 0.2 percent.

Curve customers are complaining that they were unknowingly issued corporate cards that came with additional charges.

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