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New details have emerged about Chinese tech giant Huawei’s dealings in Iran, Syria, and Sudan in the US’s case against the company in courts in Canada, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The US has a case against Huawei and its finance chief Meng Wanzhou, whom Canada arrested in December at the request of the US. Hundreds of pages of court documents released on Tuesday help to shed light on the case.

The new filings show that Huawei was controlling a Hong Kong firm called Skycom Tech Co. much longer than previously reported. Skycom did business with Iran and is at the heart of the US’s case against Huawei.

The US has accused Ms. Meng and Huawei of violating sanctions on Iran. Huawei has denied all charges.

Huawei sold Skycom in 2007 to Canicula Holdings Ltd., but Canicula was an unofficial subsidiary of Huawei in Syria. Huawei loaned money to Canicula to buy Skycom and maintained control for years after.

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