Congress Divided Over Consumer Data Privacy Bill


Recently, Senate Democrats introduced a consumer-data privacy bill without Republican Support.

The argument over consumer data privacy has not been able to reach a bipartisan compromise as Senate Democrats introduced a consumer-data privacy bill without Republican support, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The bill would allow consumers to delegate which information collected from them online can be used and would impose new rules for companies to prevent violations. Senator Maria Cantwell is the top Democrat on the Senate Commerce Committee and introduced the bill.

The push for privacy laws regarding online consumer data has become a major political agenda after Facebook Inc. misused data. There are loopholes in privacy laws that online companies have danced around making a fortune selling and misusing consumer data without their consent.

Senator Roger Wicker is the Senate Commerce Committee’s chairman and did not sign on the bill after it was introduced. Senator Cantwell hopes that a bipartisan agreement can be reached in the near future. “You can clearly see what’s outlined, and now we can have a serious discussion,” she said. “I’m actually bullish…There’s a lot that we agree on.”

Senator Wicker commented on the matter stating, “The legislation released today reflects where the Democrats want to go. But any privacy bill will need bipartisan support to become law.”

On December 4, a hearing regarding privacy legislation is being held. Privacy law experts and executives from Microsoft Corp. and Walmart Inc. will be present at the hearing. “I expect that we will have a bill to discuss at next week’s hearing,” Senator Wicker said.

Senate Democrats introduced a data privacy bill without Republican support in an attempt to expedite the political agenda.

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