Comcast CEO Donates Full Salary To Charity, Company Sets Up $500M Employee Fund

Gene Naumovsky

Comcast continues to support staff financially as top executives give up paychecks.

Chairman-CEO of Comcast, Brian Roberts, along with other top executives, will be donating 100 percent of the year’s salary to COVID-19 relief charities, according to Deadline. The company has also pledged $500 million to financially support employees, including pay and benefits.

Roberts sent a memo out to staff on Wednesday detailing the company updates. Roberts wrote, “Across our businesses, we have committed $500 million to support our employees through continued pay and benefits where operations have been paused or impacted, and we have committed significant resources to support our customers. Additionally, effective today, and for the duration of this situation, our senior leaders, Mike Cavanagh, Dave Watson, Jeff Shell, Jeremy Darroch and I have chosen to donate 100% of our salaries to charities that support COVID-19 relief efforts.”

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