Climate Voice Wants To Push Big Tech To Be Green


Climate Voice was recently founded to help mobilize tech employees in advocating for climate change.

The founder is Bill Weihl who previously worked towards improving the sustainable work practices employed at Facebook and Google. Currently, large tech firms are mobilizing to enact more sustainable practices that align with the Paris Agreement. The main goal of the Paris Agreement is to ensure that global warming does not cross the 2 degrees Celsius threshold.

Changes in policy have occurred in part because of the previous mobilization of employees at these large tech firms. Weihl left Facebook in 2018 and believes that tech companies are not motivated to make structural changes against climate change unless there is a business incentive to do so.

"When it's an issue that might be really important for society but doesn't directly affect them, by and large most companies are silent most of the time," said Weihl.

More specifically, Climate Voice is relying on volunteers right now but is headed towards hiring a full staff. Their initial agenda includes equipping tech employees with a list of policies to suggest and advocate for. Additionally, Climate Voice will seek to organize for particular policies at the state and local level.

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