Storing clean energy is a challenge that many are trying to tackle.

Currently, the production of clean energy in an efficient manner has been achieved. However, the storage of this clean energy is posing a larger struggle. Because clean energy cannot be reliably produced and stored, it cannot replace other sources of energy, such as coal and gas. For example, wind turbines only produce energy on windy days and those forecasts change consistently.

There has been an increase in the investment of companies that are working to solve this issue. For example, Energy Vault is a startup that seeks to capture the energy produced from dropping heavy blocks. Others are looking at batteries as a solution to this issue.

Some hope that as electric cars develop and become more accessible that there will be a concurrent development of more efficient batteries that can store clean energy.

“The whole production supply chain for lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles is gearing up,” says Andrés Gluski of aes, an electricity company, “so we’re going to piggyback on that.”

There have been other attempts to store clean energy. Elevated reservoirs have been built that store water and use it to produce hydropower as needed. However, this is not a scalable solution because of its disruption to the environment.

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