It is currently being led by Bob Moul, who has strong experience in taking startups and making them valuable enough to be acquired by industry leaders.

Funding was primarily provided by a handful of investors including, Osage Venture Partners and a seed fund backed by Pennsylvania named Benjamin Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Although Moul has only been the CEO of Circonus for less than a year, he has already made some large changes. More specifically, he relocated the company from Fulton, Maryland to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Due to the relocation, most of its 24 employees work remotely.

Moul has a strong track record in leading startups to exit. He led Boomi and facilitated its sale to Dell in 2010 and also led Cloudamize and facilitated its sale to Cloudreach in 2017. He’s gone through this process four times.

Circonus was founded 10 years ago and is tapping into the myriad of business opportunities that have arisen from the use of big data. Their platform allows organizations to analyze large amounts of data than can then inform decisions.

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