China reported a spike in COVID-19 cases in Beijing and canceled flights.

Beijing's alert level was raised and a large number of flights were canceled as the capital city attempts to contain an outbreak of COVID-19 cases, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The outbreak has been associated with a wholesale meat-and-produce market. The Ministry of Transport released data showing that 46.1 percent of flights into and out of Beijing were canceled. The increased alert level will also require tighter restrictions in residential communities and health checks. Those who visited the wholesale market are not allowed to leave the city.

The total number of infections in the US has grown to over 2.13 million, more than 25 percent of global confirmed cases. The US blood supply is extremely low due to the shutdown of donation centers amid the pandemic.

The death toll in India increased by 2,003 and brought the country's total to 11,903 after a delay in reporting of data. South Korea reported 43 new cases, bringing its total to 12,198.

Further research on coronavirus transmission has determined that COVID-19 is not easily contracted from a contaminated surface, but rather close person-to-person interactions, crowded events, poorly ventilated areas, and places where people are talking loudly.

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