Childcare Service App Raises $24 Million And Is Seeking To Expand To Four Cities


Wonderschool, a day-care oriented startup, has raised $24 million in funding and is looking to expand to 4 cities.

The startup is focused on connecting parents with quality childcare that is also affordable. Wonderschool has established a platform where parents cam search for different childcare options in a city that have vacancies for more children. Wonderschool makes money by receiving a commission for every tuition payment a childcare organization receives.

As the app accrues more funding it is setting its sights on the following four cities: Boston, Chicago, Houston and the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

The app is interactive and lets parents book tours of different childcare facilities and allows for reviews to be posted as well. The increased funding also allowed for new products to be developed in the app. For example, individuals running childcare can now send pictures of children to their parents throughout the day.

The childcare market is currently valued at $59 billion. However, increasing costs to run a quality childcare facility has caused the number of total businesses to decrease. Chris Bennett is a cofounder of Wonderschool.

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