Recently billionaire investor Chamath Palihapitiya discussed Bitcoin, climate change, and Silicon Valley.

Chamath Palihapitiya, The Social Capital chief and Virgin Galactic chairman, was throwing a lot of shade in all directions during a recent interview.

He spoke about failure in Silicon Valley saying , "There is a secret that is hiding in plain sight in Silicon Valley, which is that when you fail, you learn.".... "Everybody else points and laughs and mocks failure. Whereas here, it is a real badge of honor."

He shared his views on the direction social media is taking this country saying, "You are much more likely to have The Rock, or Kim Kardashian, or Charli D'Amelio be the next great politician, than you are some person who is steeped in policy and who really understands what to do". and also commented that "The loudest people are never the smartest people."

Speaking about the move of Wall Street to look to Bitcoin to act as hedges or part of a portfolio rather than the ultimate investment he said, "Pragmatist rhetoric is what will get your mother and your grandmother to have Bitcoin in their wallet"

He also did not hold back when speaking about our countries higest ranked universities saying, "Places like Harvard and Stanford are really corrosive. They are worthless. They have created a monoculture of check-boxing dipshits. They are money-management institutions that basically dole out power and influence based on acceptance and admittance that just entrench the moneyed class."

Speaking about the possibilities for the future of this country's eductaion he said, "They [teachers] should be getting paid more than an athlete". And called on the best teachers to take on larger virtual classes while school remains closed and for companies to make sure they are paid a lot more.

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