An employment CEO and expert shares the pros and cons of remote working.

Alain Dehaze is CEO of Adecco, one of the world’s largest providers of temporary employment, alternative placement services, headhunting and retaining services. In a conversation with The Wall Street Journal, Dehaze discusses the pros and cons of remote working.

While many big companies such as Twitter announced the transition to permanent remote working, Dehaze sees both benefits and risks of working from home.

“Remote work is unfortunately creating a social distance that we should not have,” said Dehaze, though he expects no return to the workplace until a vaccine is made available to the public.

Dehaze acknowledged that remote working saves time and money, but also noted, “Then there is the question, Who will pay for all the digital infrastructure work needed? Who will take the benefit of time and money saved not commuting—the employee or employer? And there is the third part, which, for me, is very important: What about the culture—the social proximity—you have in a company?

In addition, the job guru is concerned that social distancing might negatively affect a company’s culture. “The question is physical distance versus social proximity. By being with colleagues, you align, you share a lot of things,” he said. “You cultivate your values, you cultivate your purpose. If you are permanently alone, I don’t know how you can cultivate this.”

The CEO of Adecco also talked about the recruiting company’s commitment to reskill five million workers by 2030, which will be a hybrid of digital skills and soft skills.

Dehaze further suggested that the government could play a role in increasing employment numbers by setting up the individual personal account, which was created in Singapore and adopted in France. In this way, every worker can have his or her personal training account, into which the state and companies can put money that will later serve as a budget for upskilling and reskilling for the worker.

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