Canada Goose Inc. Lays Off 125 Workers and Announces It Will Make PPE


Jacket and Apparel maker Canada Goose has laid off 2.5% of its workforce.

In response to troubles posed from the coronavirus pandemic, Canada Goose Holdings Inc. has laid off about 125 workers. The company announced earlier this week that they had laid off about 2.5% of its global workforce, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal.

Those who were laid off are reportedly going to receive compensation packages and extended benefits in addition to being able to keep their work computers and phones.

Last year, revenue for the company increased by 41%, but their company was forced to temporarily close in March due to the pandemic. After temporarily closing their stores in North America and Europe, Canada Goose also withdrew their recently given long-term financial forecast.

Canada Goose had also announced plans last month to reopen Canadian facilities in order to make PPE, specifically 1.5 million gowns, to aid coronavirus relief efforts. They said that as many as 900 employees would work on the production, but that number was given before the recent layoffs occurred.


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