British Airways and Lufthansa Cancels Flights To Cairo Amid Security Concerns


Two major European airlines have temporarily canceled their flights to Cairo over the weekend.

British Airways and Lufthansa canceled flights to Cairo on Saturday, citing security concerns.

The cancelation comes one day after the British government released a statement highlighting the increased risk of terrorist attacks on airplanes flying over Egypt. British Airways is not allowing passengers to reschedule their flights or fly to Egypt for one week. Lufthansa is resuming normal operations today.

“As safety is the number one priority of Lufthansa, the airline temporarily suspended its flights to Cairo on 20.07.2019 as a precaution. Normal operations will resume tomorrow, and all flights are scheduled to operate,” Lufthansa said in a statement.

The cancelations come at a time when the Egyptian government is looking to expand their flight presence in Europe. Egypt’s Civil Aviation Ministry recently announced that it would increase the number of EgyptAir flights to London and add another flight to Heathrow Airport.

Continued security concerns in the region will threaten the tourism industry in Egypt, which has slowly recovered after experiencing a major slump after the Arab Spring in 2011. Consistent terrorist attacks thereafter have at times maintained the tourism slump.

Although flights will eventually resume their normal operating schedules, the British government still warns against making any unnecessary trips to the region.

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