Boris Johnson Is Trying To Push His Brexit Deal Through Parliament


As the October 31st deadline approaches, Johnson is trying to push his Brexit deal through and avoid an extension.

Boris Johnson is moving to put his Brexit deal to a vote on Tuesday.

This will be the second attempt to put a vote forward, since the attempt on Monday was blocked. Johnson is hoping to have his deal pushed through parliament by the end of the month. However, lawmakers are feeling no pressure to rush through the ratification process, since they have already Johnson to ask for another 3 month extension.

Even if this deal were to get past the initial vote, it will enter a process in which it can be amended by lawmakers which would slow the ratification process. Some lawmakers and policy analysts that a decision such as leaving the EU needs more than ten days of consideration.

“Boris’s celebrations could be very short-lived,” said Mujtaba Rahman, managing director at the Eurasia Group.

Johnson will also face considerable difficulty in getting the deal through since he does not currently hold a majority in parliament. Additionally the deal could be decided by a second referendum. If Lawmakers wanted to, they would be able to lengthen the timetable proposed by Johnson, by calling in experts to testify evidence that would support or challenge the deal.

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