Boeing’s 737 MAX Faces Challenges From European Safety Regulators


Boeing is facing challenges as it works to get its 737 MAX approved by regulators.

The latest challenge comes from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency. They assert that in order for the plane to pass safety regulations, international wiring needs to be relocated. The current wiring in the plane puts the aircraft at risk for short circuiting. A short circuit would cause a disruption to the flight-control systems.

The concerns raised by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency are separate from the review process being carried out by the Federal Aviation Administration.

However, Boeing is working to defend the current wiring of the 737 MAX and does not believes that there is enough risk to justify rewiring.

“The FAA has closely monitored the company’s analysis and how the issue might affect the ongoing certification efforts,” the FAA said in a statement.

Boeing has not made any plans to change the wiring of the 737 MAX.

“It would be premature to speculate as to whether this analysis will lead to any design changes,” a spokesman at Boeing said.

Currently, the wires are said to be too close to each other in different spots throughout the plane.

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