Boeing Faces Scrutiny From Congress Over Plane Crashes


Congress has scheduled a hearing to investigate the causes behind Boeing's 737 crashes.

Boeing is experiencing increasing scrutiny from Congress as more light is shed on the internal company culture that led to two plane crashes.

An internal survey at Boeing showed that one third of employees felt potential undue pressure from managers who dealt with ensuring that commercial planes received the safety related approvals that are needed to fly. Additionally, there are conflicts related to the fact that those who design planes may also be directly involved in certifying them as safe on behalf of the Federal Aviation Administration.

The internal survey also highlights that of those who feel undue pressure from managers also acknowledge that this pressure is not an isolated incident. 15% of those feeling pressure reported that it happened “several times” or “frequently.”

In an effort to deal with the current crisis, Boeing has removed Dennis Muilenburg as chairman, although he still maintains his role as CEO. Muilenburg will be expected to testify before congress at a hearing later this month.

“Boeing’s leadership team is committed to our enduring values of safety, quality and integrity as they implement the board’s recommendations and additional actions to strengthen and elevate safety,” a Boeing spokesman said.

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