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Big tech companies like Google and Amazon have used an advisory board called the Defense Innovation Board as a backdoor connection to the Pentagon, according to Business Insider.

In 2017, Roma Laster who was responsible for tracking potential conflicts of interest within the Department of Defense was removed from the board after raising concerns about Jeff Bezos being on the DIB without proper security clearance.

This board has been accused of being used by companies to gain favoritism in the Department of Defense. Jeff Bezos used the connection to then-Secretary of Defense to gain a government contract.

Bezos convinced Mattis to abandon their 2,215 data centers and instead use Amazon’s cloud services all backed by Amazon’s servers. The project is well on its way with the Pentagon preparing to award a $10 billion, 10-year contract to Amazon in order to move its information technology systems to the cloud.

The project is known as JEDI for Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure.

DOD spokesperson Elissa Smith said in a statement, “[The agency's leaders have] always placed the interests of the warfighter first and have acted without bias, prejudice, or self-interest. The same cannot be said of all parties to the debate over JEDI."

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